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ISBN: 9780852348260
Author: Steve Wilmshurst 


This book is an exploration of the Sermon on the Mount for today. Steve Wilmshurst suggests that this sermon is the manifesto of the kingdom - one for those who are already part of that kingdom. This is Jesus' presentation of what the kingdom of heaven looks like.

The author expresses his indebtedness to the work of Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones on this passage from Matthew's gospel. There is merely a concern, since over fifty years have passed since 'the Doctor' preached these sermons in London, that the message 'calls for different application today'.

'Steve Wilmshurst has the happy knack of combining thoroughly orthodox and Christ-centred theology with a perceptive grasp of the contemporary scene. This combination, coupled with his incisive applications from the biblical text, makes the Kingdom Manifesto a great read. Both those who are disciples of that kingdom and those who preach its gald tidings will derive great spiritual benefit from this accessible analysis of the Sermon on the Mount. Roger Fay, Senior Editor, Evangelical Times.


‘It might seem that another book on the Sermon on the Mount was not needed, but Steve Wilmshurst has produced something that deals well with the text and is fresh and relevant. Here is a book that will be of value to preachers and individual Christians who are studying this passage, and also will help and challenge an enquiring unbeliever. The author excels in making applications which speak to today's world in a totally accessible style. A book to be recommended. ‘   Robert Hitchings.


Dr Steve Wilmshurst is currently Director of Training at Kensington Baptist Church in Bristol and teaches on the New Testament in a variety of other places. He is the author of The Final Word - The book of Revelation simply explained, and A ransom for manyThe book of Mark simply explained  also published by Evangelical Press.



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