WCS Ecclesiastes & Song of Solomon


A Life worth Living and a Lord worth Loving

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Author Stuart Olyott

ISBN 9780852341735

Pages 128

Has life really any meaning? Our time in this world is comparatively short. The earthly stage remains, but different actors are constantly passing across it. Generations come and go, but nothing is ultimately different. This is how many people see life. The message of Ecclesiastes is that life is not worth living unless we live it for God. The Song of Solomon teaches us that living for the Lord means loving him. Stuart Olyott makes these two books clear and is very practical.

The author admits that, at one time, these two books were neglected in his own life. Brief commentaries helped him to examine this part of Scripture and his hope is that this similarly brief volume would do likewise for many others.

'Concise, studied, simple, thorough, practical and devotional'. Evangelical Presbyterian.

'With candour the author confesses that for many years he neglected these books of Solomon. His commentary actually conveys his joy at discovering their powerful relevance and meaning for today.'
Christian Update.

After thirty-five years of pastoral experience in Great Britain and French- speaking Switzerland, Stuart Olyott is currently Pastoral Director for the Evangelical Movement of Wales, Bryntirion, Bridgend. He is the author of a number of books, including Jesus is both God and Man; The Three are One; You might have asked ... about the Christian faith; and four titles in the Welwyn Commentary Series, which include The Gospel as it really is (Romans) and Alive in Christ (Ephesians).