Your Questions Answered: a reply to Muslin Friends by E M Hicham


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Author E M Hicham

ISBN 9780852346945 

Pages 128

Muslims have questions they want answered about Christianity, but would you know how to respond? Here is a helpful little book written by a converted Muslim that deals with the key questions in a way that will help those who are seeking the truth.

Muslims would agree with Christians that it is important to have a sincere faith. They would also agree that it is important to seek the truth. Many their own ideas about Christianity but have just not had the opportunity to find out what Christians really believe.

E.M. Hicham recalls his own search for truth in order to help clear up these misconceptions. Carefully, sensitively and kindly, he deals with so questions raised by Muslims when considering the Christian faith, such as:

What is real Christianity?
How can I be sure of going to paradise? Do Christians worship three gods?
How can God have a Son?
Has the Bible been changed?

True Christianity is outlined: faith in the Lord Jesus Christ alone, who alone can secure a place in paradise.

E M Hicham was born and bought up in North Africa.Having completed an MA in robotic engineering in France,he moved to England to study theology. He currently works as the assistant pastor of  multinational church in Britain